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Student Visa

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Student Visa Overview

Study in Canada One of the greatest things about study in Canada is that you can experience a climate, culture, great lifestyle with an excellent education system that is beyond comparison. Canada is recognized worldwide for its outstanding quality of education from elementary school to post-secondary studies. Features of Canadian Education • An internationally recognized education system.
• Many international students who graduate from a program in Canada are often eligible for a postgraduate work permit.
• Former international students with Canadian education and skilled work experience in Canada are well-positioned for success in applying for permanent residence through Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program.
• Student Direct Stream launched in 2018 as a study permit option that is being processed in the fastest way.

Study in Australis Want to study in Australia? It is the third most famous destination for students worldwide. It is a small country of 25.4 million people according to the UN data (2020), but the world’s leader in education. It is home to more than 700,000 international students in Australia. According to the University College of London’s Center for Global Higher Education. Australia is expected to overtake Britain as the world’s second most popular study destination, soon stands next to the United States. It has six of the world’s top 100 universities. Various degrees programs and majors are being offered in Australian universities. Part-time work is allowed while studying. No language barrier, Australians speak English. Australia also offers to some international students a Temporary Graduate Visa that allows them to stay in Australia and continue to work after they have graduated. Graduation can lead to permanent residence .

Study in The United Kingdom UK is the most accepting, multi-ethnic country.  Study in UK is the dream of every student.  Its economy is the sixth-largest national economy in the world. According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), UK is ranked as the 2nd most famous study destination in the world. Universities in UK have a centuries-old history, with both Oxford and Cambridge universities, dating back more than 800 years! In fact, according to QS World University Rankings 2020, almost one in five of the world’s top 50 universities is in the UK! • UK universities are Internationally recognized due to the quality of education.
• A wide choice in selecting a field of study and institution.
• Tuition and accommodation costs get reduced because of the shorter duration of courses in the UK.
• Part-time work along with studies is allowed
• Post-study work


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Our student visa packages are very flexible and cheap. In our visa packages, we also guide students properly about how to fulfil their requirements.

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Our consultation is free and available throughout all year except holidays. We at “WayenaZafar Immigration Consultants” provide best consultation through our foreign qualified and years long experienced consultants. We focus on the best solution available according to the credentials of the applicant.

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We are experienced in immigration consultancy field from the past more than 15 years and have excellent record of client success and satisfaction.

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We are experienced in immigration consultancy field from the past more than 15 years and have excellent record of client success and satisfaction.

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